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flute, piano, organ & piccolo

Located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota area, Tiffin Fuhrman is available for lessons, clinics, performance and more. For further information, please inquire.

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December Update

A quick update on FPOP happenings...

Christmas Camp is in session at St. John's for its Extended School Program music students.  We are exploring music composition (a rondo), studying some music history (Christmas carols) and learning different music and traditions from other countries (especially Austria, Africa and Mexico).

I've been steadily adding students to my studio roster.  It's great to see so many people interested in music!

Other than that, I'm thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful music of the Christmas season.  Lots of great music to experience through the different choirs and programs I accompany.  

I've been working on some new organ and piano selections for service-playing this year.  Plus, our new flute ensemble at Grace Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park will be enhancing services throughout December.

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