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flute, piano, organ & piccolo

Located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota area, Tiffin Fuhrman is available for lessons, clinics, performance and more. For further information, please inquire.

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NEW One-Day Kindermusik Class!

Here are two things you might not know:


Kindermusik is right in your neighborhood.

You can sign up for a brand-new, one-day-only class.


Kindermusik with Melanie is now offering "Kindermusik PLAYDATE" -- a one-day 45-minute class for parents, babies, and toddlers on the go!

You get the same Kindermusik fun and learning in the classroom...and the same high-quality take-home materials--including music and an instrument...but a one-day class so you can try it out!


Try "It's COLD Outside!" on February 1, 9, 18, 23, or 28.


You can enroll right away at Kindermusik with Melanie, or contact me directly by clicking on "inquire" above to reserve a spot at this special Kindermusik PLAYDATE.  I'm very excited to meet you!


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