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Who knew...A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist

I've started reading A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist by Susan J. Maclagan.  I think it's got everything anybody would ever want or need to know about all things flute...and more.  It's very well researched by Maclagan.  I'm still in the "a's" but have really enjoyed it so far.

Susan Maclagan, who has studied the flute for over 45 years, was a member of the Calgary Philharmonic and also Windsong, a flute and harp/piano ensemble.  Her specialty is flute technique.  She's taught at the University of Toronto and Havergal College.  She is also a writer and has written for flute magazines and newsletters.

Maclagan's study of the flute has taken her to the University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, the Banff School of Fine Arts, the Aspen School of Music, and Jeunesses Musicales of Canada.  She's gained further flute knowledge through flute master classes and National Flute Association conventions.  Geoffrey Gilbert, Louis Moyse, and Jeanne Baxtresser are some of the teachers with whom she's studied.

I'd recommend finding a copy of this great resource.  Written in dictionary form, it's a great handy reference for finding answers to all your flute questions.  Even the ones you didn't know you had!


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