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Fruit Flies Like a Banana...

Fourth Wall ensemble to perform at the Mpls. Fringe Festival 2015

This looks interesting!  

Here's info about the show from Hilary Abigana, flutist with The Fourth Wall:

We are a trio of conservatory-trained musicians who also have professional
dance and theatre experience. Not wishing to focus solely on one performing
art, we combine all three in our performances, such as dancing a tango to
Piazzolla's Histoire du Tango while playing the music

Our fringe show, "Fruit Flies Like a Banana", is a madcap variety hour in
which we attempt to perform over 20 pieces in 60 minutes. We also ask our
audience to determine the show order by either drawing cards from a deck,
or foam letters from a bag. We were honored to receive Critics' and
Audience Choice Awards at this year's Orlando Fringe, and 5 stars at last
year's IndyFringe, and look forward to making a splash at our next three
stops. Our schedule and links to ticket information are below. Hope to see
you at a show!

Hilary Abigana

Minnesota Fringe - Minneapolis Theatre Garage
7/31 at 5:30
8/2 at 8:30
8/5 at 8:30
8/7 at 5:30
8/8 at 7:00

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